Nomad Trek as a brand not only focuses on bringing you the best gaming and setups related content. We also, want to make a difference by supporting and helping the underprivileged ones all around the world. By supporting different charities and organization focused on fighting poverty and hunger. We have met hands with renowned charity organisations like “Save the children Org.”, "Recycle Rebuild" and many local ones for the same purpose of helping others.

What is Poverty? The Definitions of Poverty | Compassion UK

Did you know that Every year, developing countries are robbed of more than $1 trillion that could fight poverty, disease and hunger?

And 1.2 billion people live off $1.25 a day. These are very low numbers as compared to western rich countries.

But the cool thing is that we humans can get this number to zero by 2030.

And to play our own part, We are constantly looking for more ways. and better organizations to help, to improve the lives of such people who have to face shortage of basic necessities in every day life.

If they joined hands, they could form a complete circle around the earth.

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And for the same, we have launched Nomad Trek Initiative.

    Even small help of yours will help those charities to feed few children facing hunger everyday. So Shop freely on our site with the knowledge that you are directly contributing to providing relief for underprivileged children fighting with hunger and poverty.

    Donating to charities can be overwhelming. Nomad Trek simplifies the process by donating a part of its profits on regular basis to different charities like ones mentioned below.

    Actions we take

    A portion of our sales is donated annually to the charities mentioned below:

    Save the children Org. - (Children International)

    Humanitarian Aid Organization for Children | Save the Children

    Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Children International is a top‑rated humanitarian organization focused on helping children break the cycle of poverty. Our data-driven approach measures the outcomes of our programs aimed at helping kids graduate healthy, educated, empowered, and employed.

    • More than 35 years of child sponsorship programs
    • Serving 200,000 children in 10 countries
    • 67 community centers across the world
    • 9,000 local volunteers help children

    1% For the Planet

    Primary Assets - 1% for the Planet

    Kindness and giving back are core values Nomad Trek was founded on and are our guide through our journey. That is why we have joined 1% For the Planet to help support what we stand for by donating one percent of our annual sales.

    Sierra Club

    Sierra Club |

    In addition to that we are also proud members of the Sierra Club, one of the largest American organizations which promotes environmental conservation.

    Let's make better choices and positive changes together!